Meet likeminded people on Twitter

Because you already spend so much time on there, you might as well make actual friends.

What people will probably say

(We haven't launched yet)

5 / 5

I made so many friends I haven't seen my girlfriend in weeks

John C Twitter - CEO at Friendship
4.5 / 5

Making friends was hard because I never leave my room, but now I don't have to... Take that, mom!

Johnny, the 13 year old - Plays video games a lot
5 / 5

If this doesn't get me a girlfriend, I don't know what will

Bill G. - Very Senior Software Engineer

Stop meeting people the hard way

Sending DMs is scary. Sending cold DMs is even scarier.

Instead, let us make the first move.

You already follow them, why not actually talk to them?

Automated friendship

Once per week, we introduce you to a mutual follow on twitter through DMs (you follow them, they follow you)

Icebreaker question

Scared you'll have nothing to talk about? No worries, we'll get the conversation started for you.

Best friends forever

Fell in love? Found a new cofounder? Maybe an employee? Great! Send us a DM and we'll share your story :)

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